Interview with Rourke(pre Unicorn Gold)

Kathryn:-So a Unicorn huh?


Kathryn:-Not a white unicorn either?

Rourke:-Is that a question? Nope, I’m black. Everyone knows black unicorns are better I can phase almost invisible. Those poor white bastards stand out like a sun in the forest. Probably why they get hunted so much.

Kathryn:-So you don’t look like a my little pony unicorn then?

Rourke:-I’m pretty sure my legs are longer than theirs.

Kathryn:-So the burning question on everyones mind…do you poop skittles?

Rourke:-What the hell?

Kathryn:-Is that a no?

Rourke:-Of course it’s a no. Skittles didn’t even exist when I was born.

Kathryn:-Oh. So what candy do you poop then?

Rourke:-… No candy. Just poop.

Kathryn:-So does that mean you don’t fart rainbows either?

Rourke:-Where do you get your information about unicorns? Honestly! Wait, do you fart rainbows? Is it like a human thing I haven’t noticed before?

Kathryn:-Well no

Rourke:-Do you ask everyone about their bodily functions when you interview them?

Kathryn:-I would if I thought they might fart rainbows and poop candy!

Rourke:-Fair call.

Kathryn:-So you’re single?

Rourke:-Well duh.

Kathryn:-How on earth did you manage that?

Rourke:-I’m a unicorn.

Kathryn:-Yes we’ve established that. We’ve moved on to the question on your relationship status.

Rourke:-I mean I’m single because I’m a unicorn. Until I find my mate I don’t feel sexual desire. Dating seems kind of pointless when you know right away if a woman is your mate.

Kathryn:-I guess so. Do you go out looking to try and find your mate?

Rourke:-No. I figure my mate is long dead. I’m a little out of time you know. I mean if a woman was fated to be mine then she would have been born in my life time right?

Kathryn:-You’d think so yes.

Rourke:-Well my natural life time would have ended some time ago.

Kathryn:-Oh. I’m so sorry.

Rourke:-It is what it is.

Kathryn:-I guess that brings us to Golden. What can you tell me about her?

Rourke:-Not much. She seems young and tiny but don’t ever make the mistake of thinking she’s powerless. The woman tore the world in two just so she could make a safe space for the paranormals to escape the humans.

Kathryn:-If she did that and you are quite clearly paranormal then why are you on Earth?

Rourke:-She sent us. Not all the paranormals made it to Alter Earth when she made the shift. We’re the rescue crew come to gather up those who were left behind.

Kathryn:-Why do they need a rescue?

Rourke:-I’m sorry to say but the answer is humans.


Rourke:-Human hunters to be exact. Something happened. We’re not quite sure what, it turned the humans against us. They started hunting us in force. We tried hiding amongst you. Golden even gave everyone human forms so we could try to mingle but the hunters had a way of figuring out who we were. We tried running and hiding but in the end we couldn’t hide well enough. Golden moved out everyone she could until she was wounded.

Kathryn:-She does seem very powerful.

Rourke:-She is.

Kathryn:-So did you come looking for other unicorns?

Rourke:-It would have been nice. We know there were some left behind but we haven’t been able to find any yet. I’ve found things made out of horns and a couple of unicorn horns that are labeled as narwhale horns in the museums but none attached to a unicorn.

Kathryn:-You think they’d notice the horns had healing powers or something.

Rourke:-They don’t unless they are still attached to a unicorn. It’s more a focus than a separate magical artifact.

Kathryn:-Oh. So you’re better off making friends with a unicorn and asking them to heal you than trying to kill one?

Rourke:-Sure, and I hope you spread the word about that. There aren’t that many of us left we can’t afford to have folks killing us off for no reason.

Kathryn:-Yeah I can do that for you.


Kathryn:-No worries. You keep saying we, do you mean there are more of you? I thought unicorns were rare.

Rourke:-Unicorns are rare. There are other paranormals at Haven. Others who came through the shift with me.

Kathryn:-If they aren’t unicorns then what are they?

Rourke:-Offhand? We have an alicorn, a dragon, a wolf shifter, a dryad just to name a few. I’m sure as you wander around Haven they’ll make themselves known.

Kathryn:-So you are going to let me just wander around?

Rourke:-Sure. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t belong here. We’re really big on fate.

Kathryn:-Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today Rourke.

Rourke:-You’re welcome.