Interview with Kaitlyn(pre Unicorn Gold)

Kathryn:-Hi Kaitlyn, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

Kaitlyn:-Hi, no worries. I don’t understand why you want to interview me anyway but hey.

Kathryn:-You’re the local veterinarian?

Kaitlyn:-Sure am. Spay and neuter your pets kids.

Kathryn:-On point warning there doc. Care to tell me about that little bit extra you’ve got?

Kaitlyn:-I don’t understand what you mean.

Kathryn:-Oh. I have a gift for spotting folks with interesting gifts?

Kaitlyn:-You mean my amazing ability to make chocolate vanish without a trace?

Kathryn:-No, I’m talking about your healing gifts.

Kaitlyn:-You-How-I’ve never told a single soul. How on earth could you know?

Kathryn:-Like I said I have a gift.

Kaitlyn:-It’s a secret.

Kathryn:-I know.

Kaitlyn:-I’m afraid that if people know I’ll end up in a government lab or something.

Kathryn:-Surely your parents know?

Kaitlyn:-I’m an orphan. I have no idea what my parents may or may not have known.

Kathryn:-I’m so sorry for your loss.

Kaitlyn:-It’s okay I can’t really remember them.

Kathryn:-You must have friends though.

Kaitlyn:-Oh sure I’ve got some great girlfriends. Some that I’ve known forever and some that I’ve had since college.

Kathryn:-Surely you’ve told them?

Kaitlyn:-Well no. I mean how on earth do you bring something like that up. Hey guys I’ve been meaning to tell you for awhile now that I’ve got mad healing powers but you can’t tell anyone because if you do I’m probably going to get snatched and put in a government lab so they can cut me up and see how I work?

Kathryn:-That is a bit of a mouthful. You don’t think they’d have understood?

Kaitlyn:-No. I’m a freak.

Kathryn:-What makes you think that?

Kaitlyn:-No one else is like me.

Kathryn:-How do you know?


Kathryn:-How do you know you’re the only one?

Kaitlyn:-I would have heard if there were others.

Kathryn:-Would you? Like your friends have heard about you?


Kathryn:-Here’s something to mull over. How would I know that I have a gift for finding other people with gifts if there were no other people?

Kaitlyn:-Oh. Oh, I’m not alone.

Kathryn:-No you are not.

Kaitlyn:-Can you put me in touch with some of them?

Kathryn:-Oh I don’t think I have to. I’m pretty sure you’ll be meeting some of them real soon. Hey you said you had friends from college but you didn’t mention any here.

Kaitlyn:-I have some friends in Madison sure. But no one who would miss me if I was gone.

Kathryn:-I’m betting you’re wrong about that too. You’ve got lots of clients.

Kaitlyn:-I’m the only veterinarian in town. Well the only vet surgery.

Kathryn:-So they’d miss you if you were gone.

Kaitlyn:-I guess.

Kathryn:-How about boyfriends?

Kaitlyn:-I gave up on the whole relationship thing. I mean I love the idea of being in love but it’s never how I expect to be.

Kathryn:-What do you mean?

Kaitlyn:-Well for starters sex is blah at best and painful at worst. At first I figured the guys weren’t any good at it. But it didn’t matter what they tried or how many guys I dated it didn’t get any better. It was me. Guys, the good ones anyhow, don’t want to stay with a woman they can’t sexually satisfy.

Kathryn:-Yeah I can see how that’d be a pos. I love sex.

Kaitlyn:-Thanks for rubbing my nose in it.

Kathryn:-I’m sure when you meet the right guy you’ll manage just fine. Exploding fireworks and all.

Kaitlyn:-You think?

Kathryn:-I know.

Kaitlyn:-I feel like I want to be in a relationship. I’m more comfortable in one that’s for sure. Just I’d like for it to be platonic.

Kathryn:-Did it ever occur to you that you might be asexual.

Kaitlyn:-No. I am definitely attracted to guys.

Kathryn:-Okay, just wondering.

Kaitlyn:-I can understand why.

Kathryn:-Anyhow thanks for talking to me today. I’m going to take off so you can see your next client.

Kaitlyn:-You won’t tell anyone right?

Kathryn:-Of course not. Your secret is safe with me.